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Kaiser Voice Art is where you can allow me to enhance a message that you, as a business or an organization, are trying to convey. It may be used to educate the consumer, your employees, an organization or the curious. It can be a commercial, a procedural video to employees, a documentary,or a public service announcement. 

Community Theatre

Theater One Productions (Community Theater): Executive/Artistic Director Peg Holtzmer. 

Involved in all aspects of Community Theater including promotion, set construction, sound and lighting and performance in roles. (Guy in suit - 'Miss Reardon Drinks A Little)


Training and Coaching from:

Dorthy Gallagher - CP Casting, Boston, MA.

Wren Ross - Voice Over talent and coach. Boston, MA

Candy O'Terry - actress singer voice over talent and broadcast personality. Boston, MA

Lau Lapides - Voice Over talent and Coach. Lau Lapides Company, Boston MA


Narrated A/V training programs for companies, governmental entities and international non-profit trade organization. Commercial for CPA firm. Character voice for Toy Company project.

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